• “Georgina has treated me on numerous occasions and has rescued me more than once from days of pain and unpleasantness. Her kindness and knowledge are just brilliant and I would always see Georgina as my first choice”
  • “Georgina fixes me when my body says noooo! Be it after over enthusiastic karate sessions, long distance walking, recovery after a mud run, kinesiotaping - I keep mobile thanks to her!”
  • “I wish I lived nearer Georgina! I sadly live too far away to see her regularly but she has got to the nub of the problem when I've seen her, provides gentle but effective treatment and provides great exercises to do as well as ideas for supports, icing etc in between treatments. I recommend her, and her blend of osteopathy and myofascial release techniques, to my saddle fitting customers in her area, both human and equine!”
  • “The Nene Valley Osteopathy clinics are an excellent resource for the area. The staff are friendly and the whole operation has an air of informal efficiency. I highly recommend them.”
  • “I have been more than happy with the treatment I have received from yourselves over the last few years. Osteopathy and acupuncture together have helped me to manage my carpal tunnel syndrome and I fully appreciate the fact I can make an urgent appointment in a location convenient for me.”
  • “Amazing - feel brilliant after suffering badly over the last few weeks.”